Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Return of Mr C (Part III)

Why Part III? Well, this is my third attempt to start blogging. First time was back in 2004, under the Wonderful World of Mr C (which you'll notice has stayed). We were urged to start a blog, so I did, but it always felt slightly like a chore. So I slowly drifted into decline until...

...I resurfaced, under TheAgileAnalyst in 2008. This time I wanted to blog. I had stuff to say. I was going to change the world, by God. Nothing could stop me... a 101 other distractions - work (Talis Education was just starting at that time), Playstation, a good book or movie (there are so many!), paint drying, silence, an odd noise, time passing. Pretty much anything really. So, that lasted 4 posts before obsolescence.

And here we are again. I've just re-invigorated Wonderful World, merged in those 2008 posts, spruced the page a bit. And am ready to go.

Why will this time be different? Well, probably because I can't say all I want on Twitter. Don't get me wrong, I'm a great lover of Twitter. Through my Twitter, and summary (if you haven't set one up, I would encourage you - a simple daily digest of your twitter-verse which is consumable in 5mins and always leads to at least one glow-ey moment each evening), I now have the gentle waves of my inter-web world continuously washing over my slightly hairy bare feet. And sometimes there's a bit of a bigger wave, and I have somethign to say about it. Or there's no wave at all, and I have somethign to say about that. In either case, 140 chars don't cut the mustard.

So, let's see what happens. This blog will be both my personal world and my work world - the two seem to overlap rather nicely nowadays, so it seemed sensible to just drop it all here.

To start with, here's a video. No reason - beyond it always gives me a inner smile.